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About Doug Varvil

Following the lead of his father who was an avid photographer, Doug has been photographing the world around him for more than 40 years.  


He has had the privilege of traveling to and living in many places around the globe.   He continually photographed while exploring.  


He is currently based in Merritt Island Florida which gives him access to the unique nature and landscapes the area offers.  He continues to travel the world looking for great images to capture.  

About My Photos

We scurry through each day just to keep up with life.

Much of what is happening around us is missed.

A photograph stops the world for a fraction of a second

allowing us to see and enjoy the details...

The grace of a bird in flight,

The sparkle of light on a bay,

The colors of a single leaf.


A great photograph captures not only an image but also the “feel” of the moment and tells a story.


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